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  • Team training at LEAP uses a scientific approach to programming in order to GET THE RESULTS THAT YOU DESIRE!

  • Classes are a maximum of 8-10 members.

  • Our facility is immaculate and our equipment is top notch. 

  • Choose your training schedule based on your goals.

  • Myzone heart rate monitors allow you to track your effort and workouts for the month, enable you to push yourself, set goals, and connect with the rest of the LEAP family.

  • Our elite coaches provide an energetic, positive, and motivating environment to make you feel welcome and keep your head in the game.



Strength and Conditioning

  • Build strength and muscle

  • Improves functional fitness, muscular strength, joint stability, mobility, and bone density

  • Full body workouts with a tailored focus on specific days throughout the week - Anterior chain (pushing muscles), Posterior chain (pulling muscles), and Lower Body

  • The 3 day split is programmed for the month and we provide charts each month for you to record your progress week to week to make sure you are actually getting stronger!

  • Each month the programming is new and the days of the splits shift.

  • 50 minute class length 


  • Improve muscular and aerobic endurance. Increase your energy Levels, mobility, and burn fat.

  • 50 minute class utilizing a variety of equipment such as resistance bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, TIYRs, rowers, and assault bikes.


  • Push your energy systems to the next level and torch some serious calories.

  • 30 minute fast paced interval class that focuses on high intensity cardiovascular training.

  • utilizes a variety of equipment including resistance bands, dumbbells, medicine balls, TIYRs, rowers, and assault bikes.



  • Learn the art of boxing/kickboxing from our coaches with professional mma experience and a wealth of knowledge. 

  • challenge your energy systems, increase your balance and coordination, relieve stress.

  • Have fun while punching and kicking things!

Small Group Training: Our Classes
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