The main floor of LEAP is where personal training and team strength and conditioning take place. Team S&C is a collaborative effort of fitness professionals that provides you with the feeling of personal training in a 10 person max capacity class.
Our workouts target specific muscle groups throughout the week and are strategically programmed to present new challenges each month. This will help you to stay motivated and push yourself to new limits.


Our custom designed HIT Hubs by Escape fitness enable us to provide the most effective and efficient workouts in the city. We have also partnered with Myzone, a heart rate based effort tracking system that enables you to target specific heart rate zones, track calories burned, set goals, and connects you with the other members of the club via cell phone app for fun challenges and support.

The workouts are always fresh and the exercises are timed so that you can push yourself at your own pace. Throughout the class, different variations of exercises will be demonstrated so that you can make things easier or harder based on your fitness level.
We finish with a restorative component to maximize your mobility, improve your posture, and make your workouts more efficient.
As long as you come with the intent to learn and the motivation to put forth your best effort, you will be successful at LEAP!



  • Tires

  • Sandbags

  • Core bags

  • Grippers

  • Kettle bells

  • Battle ropes

  • Agility ladders

  • Renegade torso trainers

  • Jungle Gym XT suspension trainers

  • Resistance bands

  • Sleds

  • Plyosoft boxes

  • Bosu and stability balls



Ready for an amazing workout experience? The classes held in our downstairs studio include rowing, assault bikes, and kickboxing, all with a mix of strength and conditioning!

"Fight Club" is a uniquely designed kickboxing class that enables you to let out your aggression on our stand up heavy bags, have fun with your friends working combos with focus mitts, and challenge yourself with some great exercises with the best in functional strength training equipment.

Both our rowing and assault bike classes are designed to help increase your cardiovascular output, build strength, and burn some serious calories. These classes offer a mix of conditioning exercises utilizing battle ropes, medicine balls, bosus, tires, sandbags, and other miscellaneous equipment. 

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