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Best personal trainer near me
strength training classes

Matt Durdin

Owner, Coach

Certifications and specialties:


ISSA fitness nutrition specialist

Precision nutrition coach

FMS (functional movement screen)

Pre and post natal



American Red Cross

First Aid/CPR/AED

Best fitness classes near me
HIIT classes

Will Reeves


Certifications and specialties:

NASM certified PT

Cardiorespiratory Training for Sports Performance

Behavior Change Science

MMA conditioning specialist

Training for Warriors, Cert L1

Power plate

First Aid/CPR/AED 

Boxing and kickboxing classes

Cristina McCrystal


Certifications and specialties:

ACE certified PT

MMA/Muay Thai


American Heart Assoc BLS- CPR/AED/ First Aid 

kickboxing classes in Chicago
Stretching and recovery classes
personal training

Phillip Christian George

Membership Director/Coach

Certifications and specialties:


NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

HIIT, strength training, Flexibility/Mobility training, Sports-specific training, Gymnastics, Dance

Powerlifting coach

Christian Romero


Certifications and specialties:


Competitive powerlifter

Sport specific training


Muay thai classes

Manuel Nodarse


Certifications and specialties:

Golden Gloves Boxing Champion

Muay Thai/MMA specialist

"I believe that as an owner of a successful fitness facility you must think of it as your members' gym and not one of your own.  It is my responsibility to provide LEAP's members with whatever support they may need; the top fitness professionals in the industry, the most effective  programming and highest quality equipment, and a uniquely beautiful environment that gets you excited to come and train.  I fully intend on fulfilling that responsibility!"

"In some way or another, throughout my life I've been immersed in the fitness industry; be it a division 1 hurdler or a certified fitness professional.  As the years progressed, my philosophy has recalibrated  from do what you can to don't stop moving.  The goal is to get you where you want to be.  Be it losing a portion of weight, doing your first pullup, or running a marathon.  Regardless of what it is, let us work together toward getting as close to the goal as possible.  The human body is an amazing piece of equipment and figuring out its potential is not only amazing but a mutually beneficial relationship."

Crisitna is a martial artist and aspiring competitive fighter. After spending two years learning multiple disciplines, she's spent the last half of 2023 studying muay thai and beginning her fighter's journey with the goal of competing in MMA.

In addition to combat sports, Cristina is also a hula hoop and flow artist, using those skills to perform around Chicago for the last 10+ years. Cerified through The American Council on Exercise (ACE), with a passion for Kinesiology and creating a strong mind and body connection, you will leave her classes knowing what muscles were worked and why.

Her mission is to work hard and have a good time doing it; whether it's boxing class, cardio dance, or strength building, there is always room to enjoy moving your body.

Phillip, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist, excels in improving quality and range of movement, pain reduction, posture enhancement, and performance optimization by correcting muscular imbalances.


His expertise encompasses HIIT, strength/resistance training, flexibility/mobility training, and sports-specific training. With a BFA in Musical Theater and diverse performance experiences, including work with companies like Lyric Opera of Chicago and as Artistic Director of Lifted Aerial Dance Company, Phillip integrates his movement expertise into fitness methodologies. His approach stems from extensive experience in gymnastics, dance, and acrobatics.


Passionate about fitness, Phillip's dedication to nurturing resilience and motivating clients towards their fitness goals is unwavering, furthered during his collaboration with The National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners, strengthened by 8 years in the fitness industry and renewed by the positive impact his training has on improving the lives of his clients.

Christian Excels in Strength coaching.  Improving ones strength and endurance, and teaching how to produce the maximum amount of strength, while utilizing proper form during the initiation of a heavy lift. 


He has 14 years of athletic experience (soccer, wrestling, muay thai). Specializes in mobility, stability, and strength.


Christian has goals of becoming a well known powerlifting coach and competing competitively/competing at Nationals in the USAPL.   In November of 2023, he placed 2nd in the Junior Division (90kg weight class) at the USAPL Surge Classic.

Christian brings a positive and supportive energy to the gym, motivating his clients to reach their goals and become a better version of themselves everyday. 


Manuel Nodarse has been training for 15 years in various martial arts. He has competed as an amateur in muay thai and mma, and is a Golden Gloves champion. Manuel brings a fun and welcoming teaching style that is very detail oriented . You will have fun hitting pads and also learn functional fighting techniques. 


LEAP's logo symbolizes many things:

  • ROYALTY : We treat our members like royalty.

  • POWER: You have the ability to become the most                               powerful version of yourself at LEAP.

  • HONOR: We are honored to be trusted in helping you                       to achieve your goals.

  •  GREATNESS: You will reach your greatest potential at                                LEAP!

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